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Friday, May 22, 2015

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In our district one of our paraprofessional's daughter Angeline was born with a debilitating condition called Brittle Bone disease also called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III. She has been through countless surgeries throughout her life. Since she was born, she has been going to the hospital every 16 weeks to get treatment. At the moment, their 20 year old van is on its last leg and her wheelchair she has outgrown. The van is a 1998, Chevy Mark III, the air conditioning is inoperable and every week it is in the shop. The family is afraid that one day its lift will break and hope that will not happen while AJ is on it.
The Dziegrenuk's live pay check to pay check and do not receive any type of governmental assistance. In fact, they have been denied assistance because they just meet the income guidelines for denial of benefits. AJ is a beautiful, intelligent 14 year old girl, who will be entering high school next year. We pray for some kind hearts that will hear our prayers for a better standard of living for Angeline.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Commas Save Lives!

Below is a list of resources gathered for a 5th grade language arts grammar lesson.
2.      5 question quiz
3.       2nd 5 question quiz
7.      Video and Quiz
16.  Comma practice - 5 interactive quizzes of varied levels.
17.  Commas in Quotations - Read the directions and take the online quiz.
18.  Interactive exercises on using commas - Exercise 1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3 - Exercise 4 - Exercise 5
19.  Quiz on Comma Usage - Click on "The paragraph, please!" and a paragraph will appear in the top text-area.
20.  Quotation Marks and Commas - Online Quiz.
21.  Using Commas - Select sentence with correctly used commas. (Internet Explorer)
22.  Using Commas with Introductory Phrases - Click on "The sentence, please!" and a sentence will appear in the top text-area. Insert any necessary comma or commas (being careful not to insert commas where they aren't necessary).
23.  Welcome to Commas: Fill in the Blanks - In each blank space in the paragraphs below provide a comma where it is appropriate or write a small-case "x" (without the quotation marks) where a comma is not necessary.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rockin' on the 3rd Rock

5th grade science is studying the Earth in Space, here are the resources I gave them for this unit.
In what ways does the Earth move?
  1. Movement of Earth Video
  2. Geography For Kids , The Study of Our Earth
  3. Movement of the Earth through Space
  4. The Planet Earth
  5. Movement of Earth and its Effects
  6. Earth Movements and Time Zones
  7. Earth's Movement around the Sun
  8. Eclipses:,

Parts of the Solar System
  1. The Solar System and Outer Space
  2. Hubble Site
  3. Major Component of the Solar System Lesson
  4. Nine Planets
  5. The Nine Planets for Kids
  6. Basics of our Solar System
  7. Cool Cosmos
  8. Windows to the Universe
  9. Our Solar System
  10. Universe Today
  11. Planets for Kids

Asteroids and Comets
  1. National Geographic: Asteroids and Comets
  2. Amazing Space – graphic organizer
  3. What’s the Difference between Comets and Asteroids?
  4. NASA: Asteroids
  5. Comets vs. Asteroids
  6. All the Little Things in the Solar System, and the Things They Can Do to Earth
  7. New Scientist: Comets and Asteroids
  8. Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
  9. Space Object Differences
  10. What's the difference between asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites and comets?

The Moon
  1. Fun Information About the Earth’s Moon
  2. Enchanted Learning: The Moon
  3. The Moon: Earth's Satellite
  4. NASA: The Moon
  5. Nine Planets: The Moon
  6. The Ocean’s Tides Explained

  1. Homework Help: The Moon – Phases of the Moon
  2. Kids Astronomy: Phases of the Moon
  3. The Earth and Beyond
  4. The Phases of the Moon for Kids
  5. Phases of the Moon: Animated with Virtual Moon Atlas
  6. Phases of the Moon Game

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