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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rockin' on the 3rd Rock

5th grade science is studying the Earth in Space, here are the resources I gave them for this unit.
In what ways does the Earth move?
  1. Movement of Earth Video
  2. Geography For Kids , The Study of Our Earth
  3. Movement of the Earth through Space
  4. The Planet Earth
  5. Movement of Earth and its Effects
  6. Earth Movements and Time Zones
  7. Earth's Movement around the Sun
  8. Eclipses:,

Parts of the Solar System
  1. The Solar System and Outer Space
  2. Hubble Site
  3. Major Component of the Solar System Lesson
  4. Nine Planets
  5. The Nine Planets for Kids
  6. Basics of our Solar System
  7. Cool Cosmos
  8. Windows to the Universe
  9. Our Solar System
  10. Universe Today
  11. Planets for Kids

Asteroids and Comets
  1. National Geographic: Asteroids and Comets
  2. Amazing Space – graphic organizer
  3. What’s the Difference between Comets and Asteroids?
  4. NASA: Asteroids
  5. Comets vs. Asteroids
  6. All the Little Things in the Solar System, and the Things They Can Do to Earth
  7. New Scientist: Comets and Asteroids
  8. Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
  9. Space Object Differences
  10. What's the difference between asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites and comets?

The Moon
  1. Fun Information About the Earth’s Moon
  2. Enchanted Learning: The Moon
  3. The Moon: Earth's Satellite
  4. NASA: The Moon
  5. Nine Planets: The Moon
  6. The Ocean’s Tides Explained

  1. Homework Help: The Moon – Phases of the Moon
  2. Kids Astronomy: Phases of the Moon
  3. The Earth and Beyond
  4. The Phases of the Moon for Kids
  5. Phases of the Moon: Animated with Virtual Moon Atlas
  6. Phases of the Moon Game

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