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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-2011 Instant Survey Data for Student Projects

1.      Math: Surveys
a.      Survey Monkey – instant sign-up, allows for the insertion of pictures, nice options for question types, easy to use, allows you to e-mail, embed, or share.
b.      Kwik Surveys – start instantly following account creation, gives a link to your survey to be placed on a webpage or in Edmodo.  Nice Dashboard organization and allows for multiple questions -
c.       Free Online Surveys – Instant sign up and nice question features.  Allows for adding a question before or after.  Easy to use.
d.      Survey Pirate – free survey tool available for student use – initial log in password is sent to an e-mail account.
e.   Larry Ferlazzo's Best of Online Test-makers -
f. has a built in polling tool that can also be used with students in a group.

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