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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11-23-2011 Bookmarking for MY Brain!

I am so excited about Pearltrees.  I have a Diigo account and a Delicious account and rarely do I go there to find resources.  To me they are another place to search.  This is handy when searching other peoples' great finds, but I don't find it useful for storing my own information.
Pearltrees has changed all that!  Now I can organize my bookmarks into a web of related categories and subcategories.  

Under Web 2.0 Applications I have a tree titled Publishing.  From the publishing tree I can select any one of the branches that contain specific categories, depending on the project I am supporting.  If a teacher is having her students write short stories, I can view my publishing tree and look for interesting ways students might produce their completed work.  Under Publishing I have a branch called Comic Strips.  Students might enjoy creating strips of their completed stories.  If I select Comic Strips, I can view all of the sites that might help accomplish this goal.
Using other bookmarking sites, I would have searched publishing and books and perhaps stories and may never have thought to use comics to publish our stories.  By being able to see all of my categories and options in a clear graphic display, I can make better use of my resources.  

Another way to grow resources is to team with other Pearltree owners, and join their tree.  I was looking for a site for one of our math teachers and came across a tree called Great Maths Sites which was full of interesting and useful links.  Rather than adding all of the pearls to my own tree, I can request to join this tree and when approved, add this tree to my own.
I have actually enjoyed building my tree and am sure I will be making great use of it.  Finally a social bookmarking site that works the way I think!

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