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Sunday, February 12, 2012

2-12-2012 Lincoln's 203rd Birthday

Suggested Activities for Lincoln's Birthday
2.     Listen to and discuss the Gettysburg Address
3.     Read and discuss the Emancipation Proclamation 
4.     Read and discuss Lincoln's View of Government
5.     The Presidential Election of 1864 political cartoon
7.     Lincoln Lessons
9.     Lincoln was 6'4", how do your students measure up, other presidents, or his contemporaries?

President's Day Activities
1.     Write "If I Were President" poetry or essays
2.     Construct acrostic poems using the words American, Lincoln, or President
3.     Create timeline of a President's life.
5.     Have students create Presidential Trading Cards
6.     Produce commercials to earn votes for their President being elected Best President Ever.
7.     Create biographical Glogs on Presidents
8.     Compare/Contrast to our current President

Resources, Articles, and Videos
6.     The History Place
9.     BrainPop jr.

Please post a comment below if you have a site or lesson idea to share for teaching these concepts.  I would love your input!

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