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Monday, February 6, 2012

2-6-2012 5 Great Graphing Tools

Graphing On Line
In preparation for working with a group of seventh graders on a graphing project, I went in search of the best tools online for students under the age of 13.  Here is what I found.

  1. Rich Chart Live - This site is easy to use, has many options, and allows to publish in various ways with no sign-up, sign-in, or registration!  I will be using this with a seventh grade, self-contained, math class project.
  2. - While not as "pretty" as Rich Chart Live, this is also easy to use, requires no registration for instant chart creation, and allows the user to publish, share, or embed..
  3. Hohli - While I wouldn't choose this one for my class, it is a very clean site, no distractions, no registration and allows for publication.  It seems less self explanatory.  Here is a Youtube video on how to make a Hohli chart - 
  4. ChartGo Line Graphs - No sign up required and allows you to save, share, or embed.
  5. Pretty Graph - This site does not require registration and allows the user to save, create a PDF, or email completed graphs.  All data must be uploaded to the site from a database or excel.

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