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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/13/2012 How to Catch a Leprechaun


This is an annual project that helps students use and understand Simple Machines.  This unit also integrates the study of advertising, persuasive techniques, use of transition words, and oral presentation.  Students have a blast creating and "selling" their traps!

This is the contract I send home at the start of the unit.


DUE DATE:__Will not be accepted after April 1___

PARENT SIGNATURE__________________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE__________________________

The project will be graded in the following three areas:

            You will design and make a trap, non-lethal (the leprechaun must survive capture) that can catch a leprechaun.  Your design must include at least TWO simple machines.
            Points will be distributed as follows:
                        50 points for a working design
                        25 points for inclusion of two simple machines
                        25 points for design being non-lethal

            You will turn in a report on what you have accomplished.  It should be typed or neatly hand written in cursive in blue or black ink.  It must include the steps you took to make the trap, identify the simple machines you used in your design, the name and advertising slogan for your trap, the cost to make the trap, and what you would sell it for in a store.  It should be approximately one page in length.
            Points will be distributed as follows:
                          5 points for neatness (cover, clean pages, not crumpled, legible)
                          5 points for following directions (typed double spaced, or in ink, cursive, etc.)
                          5 points for proper spelling
                          5 points for proper grammar
                        10 points for use of transition words (first, next, then, last, etc.)
                        30 points for clear steps to building the trap
                        10 points for identifying your simple machines
                        10 points for your trap’s name (originality and fit to design)
                        10 points for the advertising slogan (appropriateness and originality)
                         5 points for the cost to make
 5 points for the selling price

            You will present your project to the class.  You must demonstrate how the trap works, how you made it, identify the simple machines used, and introduce the product name, slogan, and selling cost.  This can be done in the form of an infomercial introducing your product to the market.  Be enthusiastic.  You will not be able to read your paper to the class as all reports will be turned in before all speeches are given.  So prepare note cards to take to the front of the class with you.
            Points will be distributed as follows:
                        10 points for eye contact
                        10 points for volume
                        10 points for clarity
                        10 points for how trap works
                        10 points for simple machine(s) used
                        10 points for product name
                        10 points for product slogan
                        10 points for product price
10 points for persuasive technique
                        10 points for note cards

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