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Friday, April 4, 2014

4-4-14 Physical Education Requires Skillful Movement

health and physical education STANDARDS
movement skills and concepts
2.5 Motor Skill Development: All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
A. Movement Skills and ConceptsRESOURCES
Understanding of fundamental concepts related to effective execution of actions provides the foundation for participation in games, sports, dance, and recreational activities.
Explain and perform movement skills that combine mechanically correct movement in smooth flowing sequences in isolated settings (i.e., skill practice) and applied settings (i.e., games, sports, dance, and recreational activities).
Explain concepts of force and motion and demonstrate control while modifying force, flow, time, space, and relationships in interactive dynamic environments.
Create and demonstrate planned movement sequences, individually and with others, based on tempo, beat, rhythm, and music (creative, cultural, social, and fitness dance).

Performing movement skills effectively is often based on an individual’s ability to analyze one’s own performance as well as receive constructive feedback from others.
Use self-evaluation and external feedback to detect and correct errors in one’s movement performance.
Movement skill performance is primarily impacted by the quality of instruction, practice, assessment, feedback, and effort.
Explain and demonstrate the transition of movement skills from isolated settings (i.e., skill practice) into applied settings (i.e., games, sports, dance, and recreational activities).
Apply the concepts of force and motion (weight transfer, power, speed, agility, range of motion) to impact performance.
Create, explain, and demonstrate, as a small group, a planned movement sequence that includes changes in rhythm, tempo, and musical style (creative, cultural, social, and fitness dance).
Detect, analyze, and correct errors and apply to refine movement skills.

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