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Thursday, December 1, 2011

12/01/2011 20 Resources for teaching World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.  I have gathered the following list for Health teachers and other educators who would like to address this global issue with their classes.
1. This is a nice slide show of the basics -
2. As with most things BBC, here is a great source of info -
3. Here is a quick True/False self quiz, students can check their own answers. -
4. Infographic would be great on a whiteboard as a discussion starter -
5. Test knowledge in a game format, try to make the high score board, this can be done individually or as a class.
6. Infographic, timeline, and victim/survivor stories -
7. Video/Slideshow that explains the basics of HIV/AIDS -
8. Patient Voices of HIV and AIDS from the NYT -
9. Peace Corps action -
10. Living with AIDS in Jamaica photostory-
11. Interviews with affected -
12. It Won't Happen to Me Webquest -
13. Cluster of resources from CBS news -
14. The Quest for a Vaccine -
15. Gel Offers New Hope -
16. World AIDS Day site -
17. Nice infographic -
18. Nice timeline of the epidemic -
19. Another infographic -
20. Online, soon-to-be-downloadable, animated curriculum -

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