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Sunday, January 8, 2012

1-8-2012 CCCS for Reading - Standard 6 Grades 6-8

Continuing my way through the standards, offering links, lessons, and ideas to help teach the 
Core Curriculum Content Standards,
the first 10 days are Reading. 
Day Six - CCCS for Reading - Standard 6 Grades 6-8

unpacked skill
Explain how an author develops and contrasts the point of view of the narrator, speaker, characters, or audience in a text.
Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text.
Analyze how the author acknowledges and responds to conflicting evidence or viewpoints.

narrator/character development


author's voice

author's purpose

point of view


fact vs. opinion
Please post a comment below if you have a site or lesson idea to share for teaching this standard.  I would love your input!

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