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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10-18-2011 Making the Classroom Accessible

More Cool Tools
  1. - Listen to the online news, this is great for students who struggle to read. They can research and listen to information they may find to dry or not be able to read.
  2. - reads the webpage to you, this tool can also help students with reading difficulty or vision impairments.
  3. - Text parents or students for easy updates, with one message the word can go out to all of your parents or whomevery you put in the group. This could be a great tool for class trips and coordinating chaperones.
  4. - various tools for teachers, this is just an amazing resource all teachers should keep handy.
  5. - Guide to Google+, Wondering what the deal is and if you should bother? Check this out.
  6. - draw and animate a stick man – pointless but fun!

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