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Thursday, October 27, 2011

10-27-2011 Real World Math - Pack Your Bags!

  1. Trip Planner -
  2. NYT: Living With Less -
  3. Virtual tourist -
  4. Discover America -
6th grade math students Pack their Bags.

  1. Calculate distance to destination including gas costs and driving time. The Automobile Club of America recommends no more than 10-12 hours of driving per day. If your driving time exceeds this amount, calculate a hotel stay into costs.
  2. Calculate Rate of Change if you are traveling to Canada or Mexico. Remember that you need a passport if you are traveling outside of the United States and will need to add in this cost if you do not already have a passport. This site is helpful in converting currency:
  3. Determine activites for destination. Calculate costs.
  4. Calculate food expenses for destination and travel days.
  5. Create a Spreadsheet that shows calculations for trip expenses and the exchange ratesif your destination is in Canada or Mexico.
  6. Devise a proposal that presents all your information using a multi-media format.

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