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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World History and Wolfram Alpha

Mrs. Magee and Ms. Volker's 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations class is studying the use of charts and graphs in historical studies.

  1. To drive the concept home, they created a project using the data provided in Wolfram Alpha.
  2. Students will compare population, literacy rates, life expectancy, and unemployment rates of five different countries they will study throughout the year.
  3. Using data collected from Wolfram Alpha, students are creating graphs in Excel and an online program called Create a Graph.
  4. The following is a link to the project site;

In Mrs Santora's class students are working on researching the Sister Kenny treatment while reading Small Steps by Peg Kehret.

  • Mrs. Santora supplied links to resources and graphic organizers to the students, through Edmodo.
  • The class worked in groups to collect information about the treatment and compare it to the treatment of other muscle and bone disorders.

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