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Sunday, April 15, 2012

4-15-20102 Music Across the Curriculum

Teching the CCCS
Visual and Performing Arts Standards
Grades 5-8
The Creative Process: Music

1.1 The Creative Process: All students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles that govern the creation of works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. 
B.  By the end of grade 8, those students choosing MUSIC as their required area of specialization demonstrate COMPETENCY in the following content knowledge and skills.
Common, recognizable musical forms often have characteristics related to specific cultural traditions.
Analyze the application of the elements of music in diverse Western and non-Western musical works from different historical eras using active listening and by reading and interpreting written scores.
Compositional techniques used in different styles and genres of music vary according to prescribed sets of rules.
Compare and contrast the use of structural forms and the manipulation of the elements of music in diverse styles and genres of musical compositions.

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