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Saturday, April 28, 2012

4-28-2012 Choreographing Curriculum

Teching the CCCS
Visual and Performing Arts
Grades 5-8
Performance: Dance

1.3 Performance: All students will synthesize those skills, media, methods, and technologies appropriate to creating, performing, and/or presenting works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art.
A.  By the end of grade 8, those students choosing DANCE as their required area of specialization demonstrate COMPETENCY in the following content knowledge and skills.
Movement dynamics and qualities emphasize time, space, and energy.Movement affinities and effort actionsimpact dynamic tension and spatial relationships.
Incorporate a broad range of dynamics and movement qualities in planned and improvised solo and group works by manipulating aspects of time, space, and energy.
Dance may be used as a symbolic language to communicate universal themes and varied points of view about social, political, or   historical issues in given eras.
Choreograph and perform cohesive dance works that reflect social, historical, and/or political themes.
Foundational understanding of anatomical and kinesthetic principlesis a contributing factor to dance artistry. Artistry in dance requires rhythmic acuity.
Choreograph and perform movement sequences that demonstrate artistic application of anatomical and kinesthetic principles as well as   rhythmic acuity.
Technology and media arts are often catalysts for   creating original choreographic compositions.
Use media arts and technology in the creation and performance of short, original choreographic compositions.

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