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Saturday, April 21, 2012

4-21-2012 Integrating Theatre and Voice

Teching the CCCS
Visual and Performing Arts
Grades 5-8
Creative Process: Theatre

1.1 The Creative Process: All students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles that govern the creation of works of art in dance, music, theatre, and visual art. 
C.  By the end of grade 8 those students choosing THEATRE as their required area of specialization demonstrate COMPETENCY in the following content knowledge and skills.
Distinct pieces of dramatic literature and theatrical trends reflect cultural traditions and periods in history.
Analyze the structural components of plays and performances from a variety of Western and non-Western theatrical traditions and from different historical eras.
Actors exercise their voices and bodies through a wide variety of techniques to expand the range and the clarity of the characters they develop.
Determine the effectiveness of various methods of vocal, physical, relaxation, and acting techniques used in actor training.
Emotion and meaning are often communicated through modulations of vocal rate, pitch, and volume.
Differentiate among vocal rate, pitch, and volume, and explain how they affect articulation, meaning, and character.
A team of artists, technicians, and managers who collaborate to achieve a common goal uses a broad range of skills to create theatrical performances.
Define the areas of responsibility (e.g., actor, director, producer, scenic, lighting, costume, stagehand, etc.) and necessary job skills of the front and back-of-house members of a theatre company.

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