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Friday, April 27, 2012

4-27-2012 History of Arts and Culture

Teching the CCCS
Visual and Performing Arts
Grades 6-8
History of Arts and Culture

By the end of grade 8, all students demonstrate COMPETENCY in the following content knowledge and skills for their required area of specialization in DANCE, MUSIC, THEATRE, or VISUAL ART.

Technological changes have and will continue to substantially influence the development and nature of the arts.
Map historical innovations in dance, music, theatre, and visual   art that were caused by the creation of new technologies.
Tracing the histories of dance, music, theatre, and visual art in world cultures provides insight into the lives of people and their values.
Differentiate past and contemporary works of dance, music, theatre, and visual art that represent important ideas, issues, and events   that are chronicled in the histories of diverse cultures.
The arts reflect cultural morays and personal aesthetics throughout the ages.
Analyze the social, historical, and political impact of artists on culture and the impact of culture on the arts.

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