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Friday, May 11, 2012

5-11-2012 Constructing Character Online

Teching the CCCS
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Grades 5-8
Integrated Skills: Character Development

Be careful of your thoughts,
for your thoughts become your words;
Be careful of your words,
for your words become your deeds;
Be careful of your deeds,
for your deeds become your habits;
Be careful of your habits,
for your habits become your character;
Be careful of your character,
for you character becomes your destiny.

2.2 Integrated Skills: All students will develop and use personal and interpersonal skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.
C. Character Development
Personal core ethical values impact the behavior of oneself and others.
Explain how character and core ethical values can be useful in addressing challenging situations.

Character building is influenced by many factors both positive and negative, such as acceptance, discrimination, bullying, abuse,   sportsmanship, support, disrespect, and violence.
Predict situations that may challenge an individual’s core ethical values.
Develop ways to proactively include peers with disabilities at home, at school, and in community activities.
Working together toward common goals with individuals of different abilities and from different backgrounds develops and reinforces core ethical values.
Analyze strategies to enhance character development in   individual, group, and team activities.
Analyze to what extent various cultures have responded effectively to individuals with disabilities.

Rules, regulations, and policies regarding behavior provide a common framework that supports a safe, welcoming environment.
Hypothesize reasons for personal and group adherence, or lack of adherence, to codes of conduct at home, locally, and in the worldwide community.

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