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Monday, May 7, 2012

5-7-2012 Safe from Harm and Injury

Teching the CCCS
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Grades 5-8
Wellness: Safety

2.1 Wellness: All students will acquire health promotion concepts and skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.
D. Safety
Identifying unsafe situations and choosing appropriate ways to reduce or eliminate risks contributes to the safety of self and others.
Summarize the common causes of intentional and unintentional injuries in adolescents and related prevention strategies.

Explain what to do if abuse is suspected or occurs.
Summarize the components of the traffic safety system and explain how people contribute to making the system effective.

Applying first-aid procedures can minimize injury and save lives.
Assess when to use basic first-aid procedures.
Evaluating the potential for injury prior to engaging in unhealthy/risky behaviors impacts choices.
Assess the degree of risk in a variety of situations and identify strategies to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries to self and others.
Describe effective personal protection strategies used in public places and what to do when one’s safety is compromised.
Analyze the causes and the consequences of noncompliance with the traffic safety system.

Applying first-aid procedures can minimize injury and save lives.
Demonstrate first-aid procedures, including victim and situation assessment, Basic Life Support, and the care of head trauma, bleeding and wounds, burns, fractures, shock, and poisoning.

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