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Friday, May 18, 2012

5-18-2012 Teen Sexuality

Teching the CCCS
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Grades 5-8
Human Relationships and Sexuality: Sexuality

2.4 Human Relationships and Sexuality: All students will acquire knowledge about the physical, emotional, and social aspects of human relationships and sexuality and apply these concepts to support a healthy, active lifestyle.
      B.   Sexuality
Most significant physical, emotional, and mental growth changes occur during adolescence, but not necessarily at the same rates.
Compare growth patterns of males and females during adolescence.

Responsible actions regarding sexual behavior impact the health of oneself and others.
Summarize strategies to remain abstinent and resist pressures to become sexually active.
Determine behaviors that place one at risk for HIV/AIDS, STIs,HPV, or unintended pregnancy.
Predict the possible physical, social, and emotional impacts of adolescent decisions regarding sexual behavior.
Personal lifestyle habits and genetics influence sexual development as well as overall growth patterns.
Analyze the influence of hormones, nutrition, the environment, and heredity on the physical, social, and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

Responsible actions regarding sexual behavior impact the health of oneself and others.
Determine the benefits of sexual abstinence and develop strategies to resist pressures to become sexually active.
Compare and contrast methods of contraception used by adolescents and factors that may influence their use.
Relate certain behaviors to placing one at greater risk for HIV/AIDS, STIs, and unintended pregnancy.

Discussion of topics regarding sexuality requires a safe, supportive environment where sensitivity and respect is shown toward all.
Discuss topics regarding gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural stereotyping.

Early detection strategies assist in the prevention and treatment of illness or disease.
Explain the importance of practicing routine healthcare procedures such as breast self-examination, testicular examinations, and HPV vaccine.

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