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Friday, May 4, 2012

5-4-2012 Youth Health Issues

Teching the CCCS
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Grades 5-8
Wellness: Diseases and Health Conditions

2.1 Wellness: All students will acquire health promotion concepts and skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.
C. Diseases and Health Conditions
The early detection and treatment of diseases and health conditions impact one’s health.
Summarize means of detecting and treating diseases and health conditions that are prevalent in adolescents.
Determine the impact of public health strategies in preventing diseases and health conditions.
Compare and contrast common mental illnesses (such as depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and phobias) and ways to detect and treat them.
The prevention and control of diseases and health conditions are affected by many factors.
Evaluate emerging methods to diagnose and treat diseases and health conditions that are common in young adults in the United States and other countries, including hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, HPV, and testicular cancer.
Analyze local, state, national, and international public health efforts to prevent and control diseases and health conditions.
Analyze the impact of mental illness (e.g., depression, impulse disorders such as gambling or shopping, eating disorders, and bipolar disorders) on physical, social, and emotional well-being.

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